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FlokiBird is an arcade-style game where the player controls a bird which continuously travels to the right. The player is challenged with navigating FlokiBird through pipes that have equally sized gaps placed at different heights.

Meet FlokiBird

FlokiBird is a take on the famous flappybird game that took the world by storm in 2013. Infusing the game with the hottest Play-to-Earn utility in crypto, FlokiBird was born!

The latest crypto-yielding gamification experience where you Play-to-Earn $FLOKIBIRD tokens and win NFTs.


Play To Earn



P2E Gaming!

The play to earn gaming industry has seen crypto currencies soar to billions in market cap valuations. We believe its now time for FlokiBird to take centre stage!

FlokiBird is animated character based game where the player controls a bird, attempting to fly between columns of green pipes without hitting them. Developed to offer a fun and simple experience for players seeking to earn income while enjoying playing the game.




Play FlokiBird and win NFTs including unique in-game characters and special skins among other wearables. As we progress with our roadmap, we plan to introduce a variety of NFTs and other staking options to offer additional benefits for holders. Keep up to date by joining our telegram and following us on twitter.

FlokiBird NFTs

Now on opensea!


Initial Launch Stage

  • Early game launched

  • Contract deployed

  • Community creation

  • Listing on token tracking websites

  • First NFTs launched on opensea

  • Community competition

Marketing Push & Project Drive

  • Release of full P2E game

  • Certik audit

  • List on first CEX

  • Worldwide press 320+ articles

  • Full website update

  • International marketing push

The Future of FlokiBird

  • Advanced levels added

  • NFT staking platform

  • FlokiBird merchandise

  • Cross-chain bridge

  • Metaverse integration

  • Partnerships & community events

Blockchain based gaming is now dominating the internet, with many people participating for entertainment purposes or for generating additional income...

GameFi, defining the future of the gaming industry.

How To WIN Daily Rewards

WIN $250 every day!



Launch FlokiBird and input your telegram username. This is important you spell your name correctly. 



Simply play the game by navigating FlokiBird through the green pipes and watch your score rack up!



Our leaderboard resets every 24 hours. The winner at reset will be given $250 worth of $FlokiBird tokens. 

Each week we will be giving away $1,000 worth of $FlokiBird to a random player! To be in with a chance to win this bonus reward you must keep playing every day. 

#FlokiBird #Goodluck



Automatically added to the liquidity pool to build a strong price floor.


Reflection reward to all FlokiBird holders.


Play to earn reward pool for FlokiBird prizes.

FlokiBird Team



Charlie is an entrepreneur and investor who has consulted for gaming and ecommerce businesses for over 6 years. 


'Head Bird'

Joan was a huge fan of flappy bird back in the day and aims to make FlokiBird to become the new bird on the block!


'Moon Man'

Danny is skilled at making things go viral! He has a network of social influencers across Asia on Tik Tok, WeChat & Instagram.



Jessica is a talented graphic designer who loves getting stuck into a project and watching her vision and creative come to life.

Frequently Asked Questions...

Here are just some of our most commonly asked questions regarding our token. 


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Play-to-Earn gaming is a new rewards-based experience that allows gamers to play their favourite games and win crypto tokens and NFTs. In this case, $FLOKIBIRD.

We call them Flokinomics, and ours are as follows:

- 6% Added to the Liquidity Pool
- 3% Reflections to holders
- 2% P2E Rewards

Earn passive income by simply holding $FLOKIBIRD. 

For now, yes. We’ll be releasing new games on a monthly basis giving everyone the opportunity to earn more while they play. Get rewarded for having fun!

Connect your chosen wallet (e.g Trust/MetaMask) to PancakeSwap and exchange your BNB (Smart Chain) tokens for $FLOKIBIRD using the contract address here: 0xeC639d05d22579C44471D4D723052993C80bB5bb

**Set Slippage to 15%**

Yes the liquidity is fully locked and the view link can be found here:



FlokiBird is animated character based game where the player controls a bird, attempting to fly between columns of green pipes without hitting them.



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